Daddies logo

Last spring I was nominated to be captain of my Congressional league softball team. Little did the team know I was just excited to work on the jersey. The majority of the team had some association with the Pew Charitable Trusts or the Pew Research Center. For years the team had been named “Pew’s Your […]

FiscalNote refresh

This week I started a new position at FiscalNote, a startup in DC. My first charge was devote some attention to the corporate website. FiscalNote is a tech startup, so all their developers are dedicated to their product. As such, their public face was a bit neglected. First and foremost it needed a fresh coat […]


ONA15 Logo

This fall will be my third Online News Association conference as a website contractor. Going into the planning of this conference I offered to additionally design the conference logo. A good logo, I argued, needed to be adaptable – wide for a website header; square for social media and other displays. My creative process went […]


DC Illini Newsletter

The skills I built as a journalist are always coming in handy. When the Illinois Alumni Association of Greater Washington D.C. (DC Illini) wanted to build a newsletter program, I volunteered my services for design. In the start of my career at the Morris Daily Herald, my position evolved to include responsibility for the design […]


Highcharts presentation

At ONA 14 I gave a presentation on using Highcharts for non-developers and novice developers. In order to make the presentation a little more engaging I developed an online poll which plotted the results in real time. Getting attendees to take the poll prior to the session proved difficult, but it did provide a nice […]



For the second year I contracted with the Online News Association on their annual conference site. Working on a conference website presents a challenge because the relevant information changes over the course of several months. The first phase of the site is simply to announce the location and provide information on registration and hotels. Phase […]


World Migrants

Our 2014 data intern tackled migration flows with U.N. data from 1990 to 2013. The visualization of this would be complex: We had the ability to show the origin of people entering a country and the destinations of those leaving a country – all in four separate years. Our final product featured a single country […]


Typology Quiz

Providing a way for the public to relate with Pew Research Center findings is often a priority. For our political typology research, we accomplish this with a quiz. From an earlier version of this quiz, we discovered that college professors often had their students take the quiz to understand the subject more. To serve this […]


Typology Comparison

A major Pew Research Center report classified each respondent into one of eight distinct political groups. The idea behind the study was to show that “the middle” was not a solid group of voters but a diverse populous with differing views. To easily compare those views we developed a comparison tool. The tool evolved from […]


Political Polarization

The most groundbreaking research of 2014 at the Pew Research Center explored growing political polarization in the United States. In a massive phone survey they asked respondents to choose ‘which statement best represents your view’ on a series of ten questions. The same questions had been asked several times since 1994, allow us to show […]